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King James Version (KJV)-only traditionalists make a big point of asserting that Strong's 5-letter Hebrew word# 5959 is correctly translated "the virgin" [who is to conceive and bear a Son] in their KJV rendition of Isaiah 7:14. However, their KJV has that identical 5- letter Hebrew word# 5959 translated "the maiden" [referring to the sister of Moses petitioning Pharaoh's daughter by the riverbank] in their KJV rendition of Exodus 2:8.

SOME discrepancy, and inconsistency! What is it then: "the virgin ," or instead "the maiden ?" (Incidentally, the RSV has the word "girl" in their misrepresentation of Exodus 2:8 and the main-text words "a young woman" - with the "virgin" footnote - in their concoction of the RSV's Isaiah 7:14 to further confuse things).

It CANNOT be both in either partially-correct mistranslation, and neither is PERFECTLY correct presently!

The KJV has the incorrect sentence: "Would that God my Lord were with the prophet who is in Samaria..." [said by an Israelite girl probably brought up in the Torah tradition of Moses purportedly mis-calling Naaman her "God my Lord," and Elisha as "the prophet who is in Samaria"].

The Revised Standard Version (RSV) and some other modern translations CORRECT that obviously-ridiculous and even blasphemous mistranslation of the KJV by instead stating: "Would that my master were with the prophet who is in Samara...." Clearly, even to a God-fearing Hebrew female child, proud pagan Naaman was ANYTHING BUT "God my Lord" and that God was ALREADY with Elisha the prophet in Samaria.

The KJV has the absurdly vague and senseless phrase: "abusers of themselves with mankind" (whatever THAT is supposed to mean to non-queers !) for the KJV mistranslation of I Corinthians 6:9-10. The KJV (in contrast to most other versions) does CORRECTLY state in that same verse the anti-homogay word EFFEMINATE for their translation of the Greek-Text word malakoi.....but screw up on the second Greek- Text word arsenokoitai (which means and only means "sodomites" -- NOT "abusers of themselves with mankind"). "Abuse" with "mankind" can take MANY DIFFERENT NON-SEXUALLY-ORIENTED forms, with many different physical and non-physical phenomena........ranging from assault and battery with all sorts of weapons (not merely Brady handguns) to shouting in the ear or shrieking from demonic toddlers, to drunken-driver collisions and much more, with either gender of any age.

Again, there is NO indication of SEXUALLY-ORIENTED activity or intentions in the weird KJV phrase "abusers of themselves with mankind," and the LORD does not expect non-perverts to infer what is not EXPLICITLY there with some shameful and demented "read-between- the-lines" donkey's-anus guesswork.

However, let's not "throw out the generally-accurate KJV translation with the occasional KJV weird-phrase and often-obsolete-vocabulary bathwater !"

The KJV is one of the very few translations CORRECTLY using the most-crucial right words "younger women" in their rendition of I Timothy 5:14 where it accurately states: "I would therefore have younger WOMEN get married, bear children, manage the house, and give the enemy no cause to revile us." Almost every other (especially modern) mistranslation misconstrues the word "woman" as "WIDOW" who should get [re-]married....for whatever doctrine-of-demon excuses and contextual or non-contextual irrationalizations heretics have mistranslated it.

The Greek-Text word in that passage is: ne(o)teras (meaning "younger WOMEN"), in contrast to the Greek-Text word: ne(o)terous (a DIFFERENT word meaning "younger MEN").

The Greek-Text word for "widows" (of any age) is and only is: ch(e)ra. The phrase "younger ONES" is inappropriate as a compromise or substitution because of the GENDER DIFFERENCES indicated by the different Greek-Text words ne(o)teras vs. ne(o)terous.

Furthermore, even with common logic - even though all younger widows are younger women, not all younger women are younger widows.

This difference is VITAL, specifically directing younger WOMEN (in general) of any "marital status" to GET MARRIED soon enough (without violating the too-young-to-marry essence of I Corinthians 7:36) -- rather than becoming non-domestic and arrogant feminist-sexist career twits and part-time playgirls fooling around with and competing against men as they PSEUDO-prudishly screw around with "eternal-abstinence quot; FAKE-frigidity contraception and abortion homicide - often with mopheaded/sleeveless/bare-legged immodesty tantilizing with a "see-but-don't-touch" satanic sadism - depriving younger men of EARLY-enough marriage and sensuous fulfillment exacerbating self-sodomizing masturbation resulting in premature ejaculation, partial impotency, and prostate cancer in later life.

Such is NO laughing matter to joke about, despite religious and irreligious creeps and jerks (especially false-prophet "pastors") who demand marriage- discouraging "premarital counseling" interrogation doing their damndest to postpone and prevent marriage in accord with their insanely-mistranslated New International Version and others which peddle their mistranslated Corinthians 7:1 propaganda and brainwashing of: "It is good for a man to NOT get married."

A few more examples comparing the PARTIALLY-accurate KJV
vs. the PARTIALLY-accurate RSV, NASV, NKJV and other versions follow:


Second Samuel 13:18 (KJV) = robe of diverse colors....... (RSV & NASV) = long-sleeved long robe

Job 31:1 (RSV) = look upon a virgin.................................(KJV) = think upon a maid

Proverbs 5:19 (RSV) = delighted with her affection....... (Hebrew-Eng) = delighted with her nipples

Song of Solomon 7:5 (KJV) = hair of your head.................. (RSV/NASV) = flowing locks of your head

Isaiah 3:17 (NASV) = make their foreheads bare................. (KJV/RSV) = uncover their secret parts

Isaiah 7:14 (RSV) = a young woman shall conceive.................(KJV) = the virgin shall conceive

Ezekiel 16:25 = (RSV) =... offered yourself.......... (KJV/GREEN) =... parted your feet...

Hosea 13:13 (KJV) = where children are born...... (RSV) = at the mouth of the womb

Hebrew-lettered words are numbered according to Strong's numbering system. Strong's Word# 5959 means and only means: virgin (obviously different than "maid, maiden, girl," or "damsel"). Strong's Word# 1330 means: maiden.

Isaiah 7:14 (with reference to a female human conceiving and bearing a son) contains Strong's Word# 5959 (i.e. the virgin). Isaiah 7:14 nowhere contains Strong's Word# 1330 (i.e. young woman, nor maiden).

Interestingly, as to the precise Old-Testament reference, we do wonder WHAT "the book of Jashar" is [it's not in my Sacred-66 canonical Bible!] referred to in Joshua 10:13 and II Samuel 1:18.
How about some "Jannes and Jambres" who, according to Second Timothy 3:8, opposed Moses? [Never heard of any Jannes or Jambres in the entire Old Testament!]
Also, there is absolutely no record whatsoever of anyone ever being "sawn in two" (referred to in Hebrews 11:37) in the entire Bible!

Now, I realize that all this may be too much for martyr-fables-imaginative, purgatory-and-apocrypha-superstitious, Paul-supposedly-beheaded, "mother-of-god"-allegedly-ascended, mary-worshipping cultic catholic to tolerate.....but that's just TOUGH!

It has been said that "the Word of the Lord abides forever " (I Peter 1:25). Does that mean there will be at least one Bible in The New Jerusalem (especially the King James Version - with its motley content of murders, rape, seduction, body parts and functioning, deceit, lies, and so on)?

Keep in mind that those PARTICULAR and FEW saints resurrected (merely a SELECT moral minority who meet the SPECIFIC criteria of Revelation 20:4-6) plus ALL those saints raptured alive when Jesus returns at Armageddon after the 42 months of Great Tribulation......will have glorified bodies on Earth during The Millennium. Does that mean that other people will not be born and become saints during The Millennium as described in Zechariah 14? No.

Those who terroristically CHOOSE with PRO-CHOICE-to-choose free will to destroy ABORTUARIES (mis-called "clinics") and even ABORTIONIST BUTCHERS (miscalled "medical doctors" and "providers") in which ABORTION-HOMICIDE (mis-called "reproductive health") is COMMITTED (mis-called "performed") run the risk of also harming innocent bystanders and investigators not at all supportive of such MURDEROUS and DESPICABLE INFANTICIDE.

It is safer (and more persuasive) to simply remind people (particularly Supreme Court and federal judges) that PRECISE WORDS [of The Original Text of The New Testament of The Holy Bible] CORRECTLY DEFINING the lifeform entities in both Elizabeth and the at-that-time-virgin Mary [in Luke 1:36 and 1:41......with reference to Luke 2:16] are: "son" and "babe" -- NEVER "fetus!" Thus, the HUMAN PERSONHOOD and image-of-God ETERNAL SOULS of such PERSONS (NOT "things") are non-deniably established..... as sentient beings far more than mere wanted or non-wanted surgically-removable-and-discardable tissue!

Should feminist-sexist-snot women (immodestly/indecently mopheaded or instead with boyishly short hair) vote in elections, run for office, become preachers and cops and lawyers and judges over men....thus replacing, competing against, and overruling men?

Leviticus 27:1-8 states that FEMALE humans are WORTH LESS than males, and Numbers 30:1-16 establishes father or husband override against their women's inappropriate vows. Solomon (who had 700 wives and 300 concubines - whenever and wherever) lamented that he could not find one good woman among a thousand, according to Ecclesiastes 7:27-29.

Isaiah non-antisemitically ridiculed Israeli Jews for letting women and children oppress them (Isaiah 3:12) and Old-Testament prophet Nahum mocked those who get overrun and burned because of having female combat troops (Nahum 3:13 - RSV). Saint Paul tells women to keep their mouths shut during males-attended church services (I Corinthians 14:33-38) and never allow ANY woman to teach nor have authority over men at any time, anywhere, for anything (I Timothy 2:12)! Saint Peter rightly infers that women are the WEAKER gender (I Peter 3:7).

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